Check These Specific Details When Buying Used Boxing Gear from a Pawn Shop

Posted on: 27 January 2017

If you're interested in learning to box, one of your first steps will be to buy the right gear. While you can often borrow boxing equipment from your local gym, sharing these sweaty items with others isn't exactly pleasing. If you're concerned about the cost of buying your own equipment, consider doing so at a pawn shop. Many pawn shops have a sizable selection of used sporting gear, and you'll often find that boxing equipment is in nearly new condition—perhaps because the previous owner found that the sport wasn't for him or her. As you peruse the items, here are some specific details to check out.

Integrity of the Padding in the Gloves

Don't worry too much about the look of the boxing gloves you see for sale at the pawn shop. Even if their exterior appears worn, the gloves may be fine. You can confirm this detail by gently squeezing the exterior in several spots. You should feel resistance from the padding; this suggests that the padding still has its integrity. You can also slip your hands into the gloves to feel the inner liner and make sure that it doesn't have any holes. If the gloves pass these tests, they're likely a good purchase for you.

Proper Buckle on the Headgear

Boxing gyms will typically require you to get headgear if you wish to learn some light technical sparring, so check whether such items are available at the pawn shop. You'll also want to ensure that the padding has its integrity, but don't overlook the importance of checking the buckle and chinstrap. You won't be allowed in the ring unless your headgear is properly cinched up with its strap and buckle, so these elements need to be present and functional. Slip the headgear on and tighten the strap under your chin to make sure everything works.

Smooth Bearings on Your Jump Rope

Boxing isn't just about wearing gloves and headgear; you'll also need to get properly acquainted with a jump rope, given this simple tool's ability to tone your body and improve your footwork. Look for a high-quality used jump rope at the pawn shop. It should have bearings in the handles. Rotate the handle in each direction and note how it works. The rotation should be smooth and quiet; this is indicative of bearings that are in proper working order. If the bearings are rough or noisy, look for another rope to test.

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