So, You Have Been Assigned Community Service? Tools You Will Need

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Usually, when you are assigned community service for infractions of the law, it involves picking up litter on the side of the road or in a park. That is not so bad, right? It is if you do not have any litter pick up tools! There is a lot of gross things you will have to pick up with gloved hands if you do not have any tools to help you. Maybe it is time to go shopping and pick up the following items so that you do not have to touch much of anything while performing your required community service hours:

The "Claw"

Often a kids' toy, the "claw" mechanically grasps items such as bottles, cans, and potentially sharp items you should not touch (e.g., needles, lids from canned food, etc.). A simple squeeze on the handle lets you manipulate the "claw for easy litter picking. If you cannot find such a tool in the hardware section of a store, check toys.

The Paper-Poker

A lot of litter is all paper items. If you have a paper-poker tool, you can pick up several pieces of litter before you pull them free of the metal poker. You can find this tool in the gardening section, as it is frequently used to make holes for seeds, stab pests, cut rotten fruit down, etc.. Otherwise, you can make your own from a wooden shovel handle and a fat knitting needle with a little duct tape to hold it together.

Tear-Free Garbage Bags

Garbage bags that do not tear are not only good for household garbage, but they are also outstanding for collecting litter. Nothing sharp you place in this bag can poke or cut through. That is a real bonus if you are cleaning up litter in a place where there is a lot of can lids, broken glass, and jagged bits of sharp metal.

A Sharps Container

Drug addicts tend to leave their needles laying everywhere. If you come across a needle, the only way to safely dispose of it is to place the needle in a "sharps" container. This is a red biohazard container into which needles and other sharp medical refuse must go. The container restricts the used sharp waste from falling back out and hurting someone. Once the container is full, you need to take it to a hospital to have their waste department handle the objects inside. You can buy such a container from either a hospital or from the diabetic supplies section of a pharmacy.

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