How To Transform Your Nursery Into A Toddler Room

Posted on: 26 July 2018

When you were pregnant with your baby, you probably went a little bit overboard creating a soothing oasis for you and your baby to spend late nights in. However, now that they've reached toddlerhood, it's time to turn their nursery into a big kid's room but where do you start? From cleaning everything out to going shopping for new things like an area rug, this article will list a few ways that you can transform your child's nursery into a toddler room. 

Clean Everything Out

One of the best things you can do when you are transforming a room is to clean everything out so that you have a clean slate entirely. Once all of the furniture is out, and things are off the walls, then you can decide on paint color, and you can really start brainstorming. Remember that when it comes to paint colors, neutral colors like white and light grey are really in at the moment. 

Pick A Theme

If you are at a loss for what kind of theme you want to do in your toddler's room, then look on Pinterest. Remember that a theme doesn't have to be something loud like "pirates" or "cars." In fact, you can choose a simple thing like "coastal boys room" or "light pink girls room" and then go from there. 

Shopping Time

Once you have chosen your theme and have the inspiration that you need to move forward, then it's time to go shopping. Things that you should include on your list are area rugs, a toddler bed, a nightstand, a dresser, curtains, toy bins, and maybe even a new light fixture. When you are choosing something like an area rug, don't just look for cute rugs. Remember that with a toddler that durability is everything and so you need something that's stain-resistant, dark in color, and that you can maybe even throw into the washer on occasion.

Even though you may feel a little bit stressed out about having to decorate a new room for your child, try to take a step back and really enjoy the process. And even though your toddler may be too little to have an input, try taking them shopping with you so that they can see what you're doing to their room; the more excited they are, the easier the overall transition will be and the safer they will feel in their new room.