3 Places To Find Collectible Start Trek Pins At A Discount

Posted on: 20 March 2020

For fans who collect Star Trek pins, the search for additional pins is a never-ending quest. It doesn't need to be an expensive quest, however. If you're into these accessories, here are three places where you might find collectible Star Trek pins at a discount.

1. Retail Stores' Clearance Racks

Even though many shows have come along since Star Trek, the classic sci-fi show has remained popular with both niche and general audiences. It's popular enough that some retail stores may still carry Star Trek pins on their shelves. In some cases, these may even be the best place to find a pin if you're in search of a new-issue collectible one.

To get specific Star Trek pins from retail stores for less than the suggested retail price, wait until the pins go on the clearance racks. Unsold pins will eventually be placed on clearance to move the products, and clearance discounts are often substantial. The can be especially significant if you can combine a clearance discount with a sale or coupon.

2. Garage and Estate Sales

While you never know exactly what you'll find at a garage or estate sale, these can be especially good places to look for pins. Star Trek came out in 1966, so some people are now selling pins they've had as they downsize or have family members who collected the pins pass away. 

You might find only one pin at a sale, or you could strike it big and come across an entire person's collection that's being sold. Although you can't count on specific pins being available at a sale, anything you do find will likely be priced well below its retail value.

3. Classified Ads

Both print and online classifieds could help you locate major collections of collectible Star Trek pins that people are willing to sell. You shouldn't just peruse the classifieds in hopes of finding a listing that someone posted offering collectible pins for sale. Instead, place a wanted ad yourself in the classifieds.

If you place a wanted ad, you'll reach anyone who surveys the classifieds. There's a decent chance that someone who sees your ad might be a Star Trek fan, and they may have a pin collection. If they do, they might be willing to part with it for a little cash. Make an offer that you think is reasonable, and see whether they accept it or not.