Reflective Outboard Motor Cover Usage

Posted on: 30 August 2021

During nighttime boating excursions or occasions when your vehicle and boat trailer are parked in a lot, other boaters or motorists may not take notice of the motor jutting out from the end of your boat. This could result in an accidental collision. A bright-colored outboard motor cover that contains reflective tape will increase visibility and safety. 

Shop For A Motor Cover

Flame-retardant fabrics that are weatherproof and sunproof will keep your outboard motor protected day and night. Shop for a lightweight reflective cover that contains gathered edges. When you want to cover the outboard motor, the pliancy of the gathered material will expand the cover. Then you can stretch the sides and base of the fabric around the hard cover that is permanently attached over the outboard motor.

Learn About Reflective Properties

A cover that contains reflective properties may contain a fabric that has been pre-treated with reflective components. Reflective materials consist of a base layer of fabric, adhesives, and a micro glass bead or prisms. Stitching or hot pressing may be used to keep the reflective material in place.

When light is shone upon a reflective material, the light that comes into contact with a treated surface will bounce back to the point of origin. Anyone who is in the line of vision of the light source will take notice of the bright, shining light. This will be indicative of another person or object being present. 

Secure A Cover Over The Outboard Motor

The reflective property of a cover will not be effective during the day. The bright color of the fabric that the rest of the cover is constructed of, however, may be visible from the shoreline or from an offshore area that is directly in line with your watercraft. If you are going to be boating with others and they are going to be boarding separate watercrafts, covering your outboard motor during the day will not only protect the hard outer cover and internal motor components but will also help your companions keep track of where your boat is located.

If you will be moving swiftly in the water, your fellow boaters may take notice of the bright-colored cover and be able to distinguish your boat from others that are in the water. Always use the cover at night, during the occasions when you are transporting your boat, parking your vehicle and boat trailer, or actively using your boat in a body of water.

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