3 Ways To Add Exterior Lights Beyond The Side Of A House

Posted on: 9 January 2023

When you think of exterior lights for your home, the lights will typically come mounted to the side of the home or in common areas like the front doorstep. As you seek more illumination for your property, consider a wide range of residential exterior lights that will provide light without a direct mount to the side of your home.

As you shop for products, you can put together a design that will provide the extra light you seek and create a night landscape you enjoy.

1. Landscaping Lights

Landscape lights will go right into the ground to provide lower illumination. Typically secured with a ground stake, the lights provide illumination for walkways or other areas like a garden. You could choose solar-powered lights or lights that rely on batteries.

Some lights will automatically turn on based on a light sensor, while other lights will feature built-in timers so they can turn on automatically at a set time. You can select a wide range of heights for landscape lights and choose from different light shapes or designs as well.

2. Post Lights

Use posts on the exterior of your property to add extra options for light. For example, if you have posts at the end of your driveway, you could mount each one with a light on the end. The mounted post light will provide extra illumination for the driveway and creates a nice entranceway.

The posts may include wiring so you can run wires through the post and connect to the electrical grid of your home. With proper wiring, you have the opportunity to add a switch on the interior of your home and turn the lights on and off when needed. The use of smart bulbs also allows you to turn post lights on and off with the use of an app.

3. String Lights

You can really customize the lights on the exterior of your home with string lights. String lights can connect to a plug on the exterior of your home and expand as far out as the strings go. Ideal for a backyard setting, the string lights can expand around an outdoor area like a picnic table or a large porch.

String lights can include a wide range of bulb options. The bulbs can include larger round, LED bulbs, or bulbs with different color tones.

As you shop for residential exterior lights, look for alternate options and really expand the way your home gets lit at night.

For more information about residential exterior lights, contact a local supplier.