Should You Buy Vaulted Pops From Third-Party Sellers?

Posted on: 24 March 2019

Funko Pops tend to sell out fast, and many models are eventually vaulted, another term for discontinued. While there is always the chance that the Pop will be put back into circulation, you can't rely on that happening. So if you really want a Pop that's been vaulted, you have to start looking at re-sellers, or third-party sellers. This can be a questionable task, however, because while some re-sellers do their best to sell only those Pops that are in good shape, other re-sellers may not always be above-board. [Read More]

Graduation Flower Gift Ideas

Posted on: 23 January 2019

If one of your special friends or family members is graduating high school, college, or grad school, treat her to the gift of fresh flowers. The blooms will show her how proud you are of her accomplishments and make a thoughtful gift.  When choosing the perfect floral arrangement, you can use either her school colors, favorite flowers or color, or even a specific theme as inspiration. If you want to give her a present that will last longer than a week or two, realistic-looking silk flowers are also an option. [Read More]

How To Get The Ultimate Fall Look

Posted on: 13 November 2018

With leaves falling and Thanksgiving just around the corner, if you haven't already revamped your fall wardrobe then what are you waiting for? This article will list several different items of clothing that you should invest in to create the ultimate fall look. From t-shirts to leggings, these fall clothing options are definitely worth the investment. T-Shirts If you don't already own a large selection of t-shirts, then now is the perfect time for you change that. Southern brand t-shirts are a staple for layering your clothes for fall. [Read More]

Cool Ways To Decorate Your Fridge

Posted on: 24 September 2018

Tired of looking at your dull, uninteresting refrigerator. If so, then why not cover the fridge with cool and fun decorations. You have the choice of several neat ways to make your refrigerator more interesting to look at as you roam around your kitchen. This article examines some of the best ways to adorn your refrigerator's exterior. Chalk Paint One great idea is to cover your fridge's doors with chalk paint, which is a special type of paint that you can write on with chalk after it cures. [Read More]